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What I thought about, I brought about.

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

What do you think about?

I used to think about worst-case scenario all the time. Disaster planning. I believed that if I did, I would be prepared for the outcome - expect the worst and never be disappointed.

I felt like if I wasn't worrying, something was wrong then, I'd worry about not worrying and I'd be back to familiar, seemingly safe ground. It made sense to me but it was so exhausting.

To paraphrase a very famous person 'Worrying doesn't add another day to your life.'

By constantly cycling the negative in my head, I made little room for the good things. There came a point where I got tired of being tired.

There needs to be a shift.

I began with shifting my body - literally. Getting out of my head occasionally and rooting myself in some sort of movement - anything where I had to focus my attention on the moment. I had a little walk, a bit of a dance, a try of a workout - I started to feel better. During these periods of feeling better I would get moments of clarity.

I had to make a choice.

I chose to make a conscious effort to monitor my thoughts. Not control them, monitor them. Actually look at them with curiosity and gently challenge them. Just because something was going on in my head, didn't mean I had to believe it.

You are not your negative thoughts.

And you have the ability to redirect them. If you look for the negative, you will see it. You will find the evidence you need to validate your belief, it's a scientific fact - the Reticular Activating System says so. The good news is that we can use this to our advantage. If we are capable of focusing on the bad then, we are also capable of seeking out the good. Old habits arguably die hard but, they can also be put to sleep for a while and, whilst they are resting, we can introduce new, healthy ones.

Align your thoughts

Deciding what you want can be challenging, especially if you are used to coming from a negative mindset so, maybe start with what you don't want, and work out what the opposite is. Once you have decided what you want, attach positive energy to it. If the concept of positive energy doesn't resonate, perhaps think of it as positive intention.

I did this and was pleasantly surprised, actually, sometimes overwhelmed by the results. Positive people and excellent opportunities started to appear, the perceived jagged edges of my life softened. It got lighter, more interesting, it flowed. Don't get me wrong, this new approach was challenging and I sometimes reverted back to my old default setting but, the more I practised, the more momentum was built. Sometimes that's all we need - a bit of momentum to shift us back in the right direction.

Wishing Only Love,

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