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Updated: May 11, 2021

I've been playing with affirmations for years.

The first encounter I can remember was 'The Secret' when my Mum had been urged to watch and read it. The concept of manifestation felt curious and exciting to me, so I dabbled in the Law of Attraction for a while, mostly generating parking spaces. Then, life happened and I forgot about it all until around 2016 when I had left my 14 year relationship and was immersing in self-development.

At a Health and Wellbeing event, a Life Coach gave an inspiring talk referencing the works of Louise Hay. Afterwards, we chatted and I bought a box of Louise Hay's 'I Can Do It' cards. Every morning I would pick a card that held an affirmation for the day ahead. This was combined with a vision board listing all of the attributes I wanted for my ideal mate and guided meditations calling in abundance.

Over the years, I played with the format, recording myself saying the affirmations and listening to them throughout the day, reading books and listening to podcasts about manifesting and 'mirrorwork'. Following the advice of Marisa Peer, I wrote 'I am enough' on my mirror - in lipstick didn't feel quite my thing at the time so, I spent hours forming the letters out of individual diamantes #customised.

I found my self-confidence increasing and began experiencing synchronistic events creating an outward experience of what I had been calling in.

Since then, I've had a lot of affirmations 'running' at any one time and often see results of them appearing in my life however, I've never really gone full-focus on one particular affirmation and now I'm curious.

Time to experiment.

90 days of the same affirmation, something tangible, that can be measured.



My relationship with money has gone through many different stages over the years - I'll never have you, if I do have you - you'll leave soon, I can't get enough of you, I'll settle with what I have, I need more of you, I've ignored you, I appreciate you...

At the moment, I'm in a space of consistent gratitude, blessed to have what I need. But, coming from a low-income background where money was always viewed as difficult to obtain, you had to graft for it - hard. I've never really played with the concept of bringing it in easily.

So, following the work of Money Magnet herself, Fabienne Fredrickson, I'm currently sat in a home sprinkled with a repeated money affirmation - including on the bathroom mirror (lipstick this time as it's rented accommodation and I don't think the landlady would appreciate me pimping the items on her itinerary). I have cheques written to me from 'The Universe' and listen to recordings of an affirmation throughout the day.

Scientifically, this all makes sense as it's a way of using neuroplasticity (Google it) harnessing the subconscious mind and leveraging the Reticular Activating System (Google it) to reprogramme my mindset about money.

This isn't passive manifestation. For affirmations to work, to embed, to become natural, they need to be backed-up with aligned action-taking and high-vibrational energy i.e. creating the feeling of the thing you're manifesting having already happened.

Otherwise, you will probably just end up standing in front of a mirror cringing.

24 hours in, I received the first ever purchase directly from my website.

The experiment is underway.

Wishing Only Love.

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