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'Marissa is fabulous at what she does...she always worked to me and my need and could tell when we needed to work in a slightly different way...I reached a point where I was noticing that the way in which I was thinking of certain things was changing, I had more confidence to use the techniques that I had learnt to figure things out for myself. I find myself using the processes now without even really noticing I am doing it, which I feel is a really positive reflection of Marissa's practice.' Sian

The 'Self' Sessions

How much do you care?

For yourself?

Really care?

Every time you take a moment for yourself are you quickly filled with guilt that you should have given that time, energy, resource to somebody else? Does the thought of putting yourself at the top of your priority list make you feel selfish and deeply uncomfortable? How much more could you give to those you love, if you took time to replenish your stock?

I love you.

When was the last time you said this to yourself? Does the thought of it make you immediately cringe?

The idea of loving yourself can feel so far removed from where you currently are, completely unrealistic. Even considering it can make you feel arrogant and selfish.

Other people need your love much more than you do, right?...Or do they? Why are you so quick to dismiss or even completely forget yourself when it comes to being deserving of your love?

If any of this resonates, then The Self Sessions are for you.

Over 6 x 60min sessions with email check-ins between, we will help you identify the blocks that are preventing you from feeling loved, accepted and appreciated.

Using deep questioning and transformational body-oriented techniques, you will connect to that part of your ‘Self’ that needs attention, so that you can uncover the actions you can take to feel more aligned in your life and consistently empowered to move forward positively.

Time for your Self.


Re- Empower Hour

You are already empowered, sometimes you just need reminding of how to feel like it.


Using a combination of powerful questions and body-oriented coaching, we will target the specific area of your life in which you feel stuck and get really clear on the next steps you will take to improve it.


Simple, supportive and pragmatic.


1 x 60min 1 to 1 session with Marissa.


= One off payment of £99

90 Day Boost

The start of 2021 was not what you expected (understatement of the decade) and it has shaken your confidence for the future. You spend your days worrying about the uncertainty of tomorrow and

It. Is. Exhausting.


Some days you feel like there is no point in even bothering trying to improve your health, seek a fulfilling relationship, pursue a career change, be happy in general...

But what if you could reignite your hope for 2021? What if you found the tools you need to recognise the power you have to refocus your life and change it?

You deserve to feel excited for the future again and so I’ve created the 90 Day Boost.

Once a month during this 90 day package you will receive 1-1 coaching sessions helping you to:

  • Reimagine your vision for the future

  • Increase the belief in your ability to make positive and lasting change

  • Work out the course of action you will take to improve your life

You deserve a supportive, nurturing space to rediscover the uplifted version of you. 

1 x 60min + 2 x 45min 1 to 1 sessions with email support.

=One off payment of £333 or 2 instalments of £170.

How can we build up resilience and ultimately true happiness?

Join me in this FREE Facebook Group space to discuss the things that affect us and how we feel about ourselves on a day to day basis.


Every week we dedicate a live session to a different topic, sharing resources, experiences and asking powerful questions.


The Wishing Only Love Sessions

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Centre Myself

Centre Myself is my Social Enterprise on a mission to increase the sense of self-belief in young people.

Using physical activities such as Thai-boxing and Dance as well as sessions exploring Mindfulness, Health and Positive Psychology, ​I aim to provide young people with a supportive environment where they can gather the tools they need to be more confident in their abilities and aspirations.

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