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Body & Mindset Coach, Social Entrepreneur and Writer

Meet Marissa:

My mission is to create a legacy of positive impact on as many lives as possible using love, honesty and integrity. 

Marissa McCallam

I help Performers, Creatives & Entrepreneurs discover what they want, decide how to get it and believe they deserve it.

Prior to becoming a Coach, I had over 10 years of experience in the Corporate sector both nationally and internationally, with roles including new business development, training and project management. I am a certified Hypnosis, NLP, Time Line Therapy® Practitioner and Body Oriented Coach with training in Positive Psychology and Personal Performance Development. I also hold a degree in Television Production, and at one point qualified as a Group Exercise to Music Instructor and Circuit Trainer.


What can I say? I love a bit of Learning!

My experience as a Performer, Dance Teacher and love for physical activity have made me a firm advocate for the benefits of Somatic practices and their links to mental well being. I'm an avid fan of all Dance-forms with performance credits including supporting Act for Jazzy Jeff, backing dancer for Jazzy B, Sasha, Lisa Lashes, Sugar Hill Gang and various music videos.


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After growing up in a household where mental and physical abuse were present, I experienced anxiety and depression as a teenager, and throughout my twenties. Limiting self-beliefs and an internal story of 'not being enough' led to years of suppressing my dreams, ignoring my intuition and repeating unhealthy patterns of behaviour.

Following a personal crisis, aged 33, I found I had to re-establish who I was as an individual and rebuild my sense of Self. I did this through studying personal development, applying it to my own life and keeping what worked.

I learned that by connecting with my body, shifting my focus and keeping things simple it was possible to be consistently calmer and actually enjoy life!

I believe that everyone has the answers they need inside of them to lead a happier, healthier, life, it's just a case of asking the right questions - part of my role as a Body & Mindset Coach is to ask those questions.

One of my passions is building confidence in others and love doing so with Young People. I have previously been a Care Assistant for children with varying special needs and physical abilities, a Student Support Worker at the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy and an NCH/Action for Children Independent Visitor. I also set up a Social Enterprise called Centre Myself which takes a fun and holistic approach towards increasing confidence and a sense of self-worth in Young People. In 2018, I was invited onto the School of Social Entrepreneurs Fellowship programme to develop the platform.


Photo: Fistful Of Glitter Photography


I see so many people denying themselves of the life they want through lack of confidence and holding beliefs instilled in them from a young age - a large part of my work is helping them to change this. It's amazing how much you can learn from talking with others, sharing experiences and resources, and asking really powerful questions. This led me to create The Self Sessions Podcast which is all about getting to know our Self and everything in between. 

I have first-hand experience of the power of positive thought, connection with the body, consistently healthy practices and their life-changing properties. My vision is to make these accessible to as many people as possible so that they can lead the life they desire and deserve.

Wishing Only Love,

Marissa x

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