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'Marissa is fabulous at what she does...she always worked to me and my need and could tell when we needed to work in a slightly different way...I reached a point where I was noticing that the way in which I was thinking of certain things was changing, I had more confidence to use the techniques that I had learnt to figure things out for myself. I find myself using the processes now without even really noticing I am doing it, which I feel is a really positive reflection of Marissa's practice.' Sian

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Everyone has the answers they need inside of them to lead a consistently happy life, it's just a case of asking the right questions - part of my role as a Body & Mindset Coach is to ask those questions. Using regular phone/Skype calls and practical tools you can discover what you want, decide how to get it and believe you deserve it.


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1 to 1 Coaching with Marissa

How can we build up resilience and ultimately true happiness?

Join me in this Facebook Group space to discuss topics that affect us and how we feel about ourselves on a day to day basis.


Every few weeks we dedicate a live session to a different topic, sharing resources, experiences and asking powerful questions.


The Wishing Only Love Sessions

Photo: Fistful Of Glitter Photography

Centre Myself is a UK based Social Enterprise on a mission to increase the sense of self-belief in teenagers.

We aim to provide young people with a supportive environment where they can gather the tools they need to be more confident in their abilities and aspirations.

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Centre Myself