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Taking a fun and holistic approach towards building confidence & self-worth in Young People.

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The Centre Myself Project:

Using physical activities such as Thai-boxing, Dance and Yoga as well as sessions exploring Mindfulness, Health and Positivity, the original Centre Myself Project was on a mission to increase the sense of self-belief in teenage girls.


How We Did It:

Centre Myself - Social Enterprise:

In 2018, Marissa was invited onto the School of Social Entrepreneurs Fellowship Programme to develop Centre Myself as a Social Enterprise. As a result, the content was revised, reimagined and opened up to ALL Young People as hour long sessions, 1 day workshops and multi-week programmes. Centre Myself took place at Dance schools, Secondary schools and online.

​​The aim was to provide Young People with a supportive environment where they could gather the tools they needed to be more confident in their abilities and aspirations.


"Centre Myself has been a brilliant opportunity for our daughter. The sessions covered a wide variety of carefully thought out and exciting topics." 
(Parent of a Programme 1 Participant
"It’s amazing and makes you way more confident. I would definitely do it again."
(Schools Programme 1 Participant)
"It was fun and inspirational."
(Schools Programme 1 Participant)
"This is the best project! I feel more confident! Thank you!" 
(Programme 1 Participant)
"...this has been the best thing ever for both my daughter’s...this has been massive she has autism and has been battl(ing) confidence issues for years this has completely helped..." 
(Parent of a Programme 1 Participants)
"It showed me that I am amazing just the way I am."
(Schools Programme 1 Participant)
"Brings out the real you."
(Programme 1 Participant)
"It’s really fun and you gain confidence..."
(Schools Programme 1 Participant)

During Lockdown:

The work of Centre Myself was taken online with Marissa creating video sessions and holding virtual programmes with other Youth organisations such as Young HealthWatch Hillingdon and Iconic Steps. 

Video #1:
3 simple Mindfulness techniques for you to try.

Video #2:
20 minutes of movement to music to get us out of our busy minds.

Video #3:
Paying attention.
Notice what makes you feel 'well'.

Online Course Testimonials:

"It was a very relaxing environment and I felt able to express my ideas without fear of judgment from others. (Marissa) was extremely helpful and really easy to listen to and engaging, I didn’t find it boring at all and was always excited to go to the course."
(Student @ Iconic Steps)
"The course was very interesting and I managed to learn a lot and have now got some more skills I can apply to my everyday life to hopefully better myself..."
(Student @ Iconic Steps)

And Now...

Centre Myself has been created to share simple, practical tools we can all use to lead a happier and more resilient life. Marissa now delivers workshops in collaboration with Youth organisations that wish to provide complementary Self-development offerings to their groups.


Get in touch if you would like to find out more.


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© 2020 Centre Myself 

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