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How to work from home.

Is a desk a metaphor for my life?

I've been thinking about 'working from home'. I'm not talking about negotiating dodgy WiFi connections, demanding pets and screaming kids. I'm talking about best practice for life...

Tidy your own desk

Focus on the state of your desk, without being distracted by the state of others - theirs is not your concern. Your space is your responsibility, you get to own it. Use it wisely and you never know, you may inspire others to tidy their desks. Nobody is in any position to judge the desk of another.

Only keep out what you use regularly

Clear away any clutter, anything you are holding on to 'just in case', old things, distracting things. Replace these with productive things, useful things - keep your equipment maintained and charged.

Don't allow others to leave their stuff on your desk

Designate your space and set your boundaries. Others can visit your desk if you wish but, if they have anything they are carrying, they will need to clear their own desk to make space for it.

Make your desk a space that you enjoy being at

You don't know how long you will be using your desk for. I used to work with someone whose desk was completely empty apart from a PC and a phone. He said it was so he could leave at any point. How committed are you to presence at your desk? Is your experience a negative one because you don't like how your desk is currently? Remember...

You can always rearrange your desk

Change its position, add new stationery, upgrade your equipment. The aim is to create somewhere you thrive, where you can do good work without distraction.

How much does your current desk authentically represent you?

Wishing Only Love,

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