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'Hi, I'd like a refund on my 2020, please...'

You're hoping to return it because it's faulty, not at all what you expected, quite disappointing really.

You've looked at it and there are bits missing, in fact, it doesn't fit you at all.

It looked perfectly fine beforehand. You were ready for it, perhaps assuming it would be similar to the 2019 model. Not amazing, but relatively predictable and something you could perhaps just leave in the background whilst you did the same things in the same ways you always had.

But this year is completely different and it's non-returnable so, what are you going to do with it?

Be stuck with something you refuse to talk about?

Stash it away in the hope that the next year isn't as cringe-worthy for you?

How about you look at it?

Hold it up and really inspect it.

Is there still something you can do with it? Is it something that can be adapted to make it work for you?

You don't need to throw it away.

Perhaps it's a great opportunity to change up your style. You could combine it with something else to make it usable.

How does it look when mixed with growth and resilience?

The opportunity to influence how 2020 looked and felt was there, but we may have missed it because we were busy that day. Busy being caught up in things that didn't really matter to us, that drained us, that distracted us.

The good news is: We still have time to upcycle 2020 and make space for the 2021 collection.

Wishing Only Love.

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