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Confessions of a Coach

I'm a Body and Mindset Coach.

'Life Coaching?' *cue eye-roll*

What comes to mind when you hear the word 'Coach?'

Images of shouty public speakers, smug-looking 40 somethings or hypocritical, robe-ladened gurus? Self-proclaimed and self-righteous?

I don't blame you. They were beliefs that I shared at one point but that's since changed. Don't get me wrong, the internet is filled with people stating they are 'a Coach' when they are actually unregulated, intrusive and quite frankly a little bit dangerous.

You feel like you need change, you feel frustrated in areas of your life and overwhelmed with what to do about it.

'Who the hell do they think they are to tell me how to sort out my life?'

Nobody has that right. Good Coaches, conscious Coaches, Coaches that take their work seriously are here to help. Facilitate. Assist. Join you on a journey of awareness and self-belief - not tell you what to do.

I get it, it sounds airy-fairy, not a real thing but, I have witnessed and experienced first-hand the power of good coaching.

A good Coach will ask the right questions, actually listen to your answers, answers that were always there - you just needed a space to uncover them.

So, as Body and Mindset Coach, I will help you to:

  • Discover what you want

  • Decide how to get it

  • Believe you Deserve it

Confession complete. Ah, that feels so much better!

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