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Goal, Interrupted.

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Let’s be real. 2020 has changed all of our lives beyond recognition. This may be stating the obvious for some but, there are still those who are holding on to the idea of returning to 'the old ways'.

Let's be real again. Actually how good were 'the old ways'?

The hamster wheel, the fatigue, the multiple burnouts.

'The old ways' have been levelled and, for those of you who had a goal, be it 5 years or less, this is...

Very inconvenient.

It's also a little bit uncomfortable. Now that the distractions are gone, have the areas of your life that you were previously tolerating been magnified? Those events you attended out of obligation - social, family, work. Take your pick.

Those people you allowed into your space who would drain your life-force and not thank you for the pleasure.

Those tasks, those never-ending tasks, that made you look busy but ultimately left you unfulfilled, bored and drained.

That lack of purpose.

Have the last few months of restriction ironically shown you potential for freedom? A chance to truly reflect on what you've been doing and the person you've prevented yourself from being.

What do you actually want?

How many of the life goals you had in mind were based on the expectations of others, on societal norms? 2020 teaches us about priorities and you need to become number one if you are going to navigate it.

This isn't a prompt to become selfish.

It's an invitation to look at your reality, truly look at it and make a decision about how you want it to be. You have the ability to create an existence that consistently brings you peace, happiness and fulfilment. In doing so, you open up your capacity to receive an abundance of invaluable gifts and give lovingly to others, without resentment.

Time for a new vision.

'That's all very lovely but what about my goals?' I hear you cry.

Were your previous goals actually restrictive and limiting?

We have been shaken to the core and it would be so easy to allow hopelessness to creep in but, what if we could use this change to our advantage? Take the opportunity to refocus our attention and, more importantly, our energy?

Goal disruption can be traumatic but there is such a thing as 'post-traumatic growth'. A phoenix rising from the ashes. I encourage you to pause and look at what your life was like during 'the old ways', how it is now and consider how you would like it to be. Time to reboot your hope and start taking action towards what you truly want.

Is it another year of feeling powerless, disconnected and uncertain?

I didn't think so.

Wishing Only Love,

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