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Buy Yourself Something Nice.

When was the last time you made an investment?

'This year Marissa? Are you joking? Have you seen the interest rates?'

Not savings accounts, pensions or *gulp* crypto-currency.

An investment in You.

What's the biggest investment you've ever made in yourself?

Some of the largest amounts of money I've spent have been on education. I'm a perpetual student, love a bit of learning.

The University bit was easy - perhaps too easy. Pupils at my school where encouraged and supported in their Higher Education applications. The price of attendance would be covered by government loan and a repayment scheme that felt a million years off in the future. But, as life progressed and I became free to decide where the next stage of my learning journey was headed, the decision to pay out for education became more difficult, loaded, heavy.

And it wasn't just in education that this heaviness appeared, it was in the seemingly smaller stuff too, pretty much everything I was looking at purchasing - food, clothes, toiletries. Every choice that had a monetary value triggered a thought cycle of: Could I afford it? Did I really need it? Could I go without it? And, under all of that...

Did I deserve it?

Looking back I now recognise that this was the result of beliefs I held about worthiness.

Worth and value were unhealthily linked in my head.

I must have spent hours trawling the internet for the cheapest version of something. Who doesn't love a bargain? But when you weigh up the money 'saved' with the time you've lost and an item that turns out to be not-fit-for-purpose, what you are really looking at is a false economy. It also takes you into the realms of 'settling', ending up with something less than you wanted because internally you've told yourself that you can make do, will make do, have to make do. Caution with the last one, you could be heading into martyr territory.

Can you afford it?

Then there's the belief that someone else deserves it more than you. If you are blessed with resource are you quick to bestow it on somebody else because you believe they need it more than you? Even if giving it away means that you're in debt again.

Investments aren't always monetary, some of the more valuable ones are those you can't get back once spent - time and energy.

What comes up for you when you think about buying yourself 'something nice'?

When you really want something that you know will bring you joy, make your life easier, improve your existence - do you find yourself needing to justify it?

Where are you seeking permission from?

There is a difference between making a considered purchase and buying for the sake of buying. There is no judgement here of either because, fundamentally, purchasing something fulfils a need. So ask yourself - What do I really need?

What's the return on your investment?

What you need is something that is going to give you a decent return. Something that brings you benefit and reward for your outlay.

Your initial investment needs to be affordable. Solid.

Solid investments equal high return, an increase on what you initially put in so that you are in a position to re-invest or share the wealth if you want to. You will be able to give from a place of overflow instead of depletion.

Invest in your future(Self)

By investing in yourself you are saying you're committing to You and your future. You are saying you're worth the time, energy, money.

Only invest in things you believe in. Choose to invest in yourself and the person you want to be - happier, stronger, healthier.

Investment in yourself has 100% guaranteed return.

I love a sure-thing.

Wishing Only Love,

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