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A FREE 60-minute workshop exploring how we can face change with less stress and more hope.

As the world begins to ‘open up again’ many of us are worrying about what our new lives will look like.


  • What will happen when we’re able to physically connect with others again?

  • What if the economy doesn’t get back on it’s feet?

  • What if we have to go back into Lockdown?

Over the last year so many of us have faced:

  • Job uncertainty

  • Movement restrictions

  • Financial difficulty

  • Relationship challenges

  • Health concerns

It all feels so different to before.

Do YOU feel different?

When facing change it can be easy to allow fear to creep in but, what if we could use it to our advantage?

What if we could take the opportunity to refocus our attention and our energy to feel less fear about the future?

Join Body & Mindset Coach, Marissa McCallam, for a free 1 hour virtual workshop where she will be providing practical tools for managing uncertainty and exploring how we can face change with less stress. The workshop will take place live via Zoom on Thursday 29th April at 12pm-1pm GMT, with a limited-time replay available for those who can’t attend live.

About Marissa:


Marissa McCallam is a Body & Mindset Coach, Writer and Founder of social enterprise Centre Myself. She believes that by connecting with our bodies and using simple tools to change our mindset, it is possible to lead a consistently calmer and happier life - a philosophy which helped her overcome 15 years of depression and anxiety.

Marissa helps people to discover what they want, decide how to get it, believe they deserve it and understand the power of directing their attention towards it.

Click here to arrange a FREE clarity call and to discuss the next stage of YOU.




Marissa is easy going, super approachable, warm and kind soul. She is someone who will ask you to ask questions that you didn't even know you needed to ask. She will empower you to create the life and reality you would like to have. And do it all with a sense of potency and humor that will help you lower your barriers and be the authentic you -that you really want to be.  I've done one-on-one online sessions with her, it has been inspiring and extremely well worth the time :) Ania

Just had my first mindset coaching session with Marissa and it's left me feeling huge relief...she helped me find so much clarity around what I was feeling and our conversation guided me to a place where I now know what I need to do. It was so good to talk it out with someone unattached to the situation, someone with a caring but ‘straight to the point’ approach, and who is trained to ask the right questions. Even after one session I feel like it’s already helped me find the right solutions for ME as an individual. I can’t recommend Marissa enough... Amy

Marissa and I had an incredible energy right from the off.  She is one of those people you instantly warm to. I loved how her humour kept our sessions light when they needed to be, but her empathy meant she would tread with care when the topic required. 

If you are looking for light and soul, look no further.  Thank you Marissa, you're a true gem. Mhairi

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