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Remember the 5 Ps

You are the 'go-to' guy or girl. The one they can rely on. The one who describes everything as 'Fine' or 'Not a problem'. The one that never says 'No', who has a willing smile and agreeable nod consistently activated. They love you for it. So reliable, so generous with time and resources. So what?

You become the tired one. The drained one. The one who feels taken for granted, unappreciated. The overwhelming sense of gratitude failed to appear - you gave and they took. A resentment begins to form but you continue to say 'Yes', to give, to be drained.

I invite you to remember the 5 Ps: People Pick a People Pleaser Purposefully.

Those who come to you will do so based on previous experience, on reputation. You can set a new standard.

You are allowed to say 'No'.

It is not always your job to be 'The Rescuer'. In fact, this approach can sometimes mean that you are unintentionally removing the opportunity for another to learn and grow.

It isn't 'tough' love. It's authentic and balanced.

Continue to share Generosity and Time but not to the detriment of Yourself. Self-sacrifice can lead to depleting the very things you want to give to those you care for.

Include Yourself within the people you please.

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