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'I'm proud of all my kids...'

Those of you that met my Mum will not have seen the true toll that depression took on her life. She hid it well from most people, deflected it with a dirty joke or no-nonsense comment. It had always been there, waiting in the background patiently, every so often making itself known and then retreating back into the shadows until it was summoned again. As Mum's decline accelerated, my family attempted all methods of intervention, individually, collectively. We reached out to under-resourced organisations and broken systems. We asked calmly, politely, frustratedly, with tears. We found ourselves stuck in a nightmarish cycle of miscommunication and disconnected services, verging on the nonsensical. The sanity of everyone involved was questioned at some point. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered now. Mum used to say 'I'm proud of all my kids' and it is on this statement I ask for her legacy to be built upon. Into her 3 children she distilled her best qualities: creativity, pragmatism, musicality, resourcefulness, integrity, serving others, love, authenticity, straight-talk, strength, a sense of humour and resilience. The last of these has been used consistently and will continue to be. RIP Mum. Wishing Only Love xxx

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