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Have a word with yourself, Love

When was the last time you referred to yourself as 'idiot', 'useless', 'no good at....'? How about 'too fat', 'too lazy' or 'too old'?

I know how easy it can be to jump in with putdowns about you before somebody else does. If you get in there first, you have the upper hand, right? It means you don't have to hear somebody else telling you what you already know to be true.

Know to be true or believe to be true?

The two can be very different.

Not to worry you, but you are under surveillance 24hrs a day. I'm not talking about spy-cams and CCTV - I'm talking about your subconscious mind.

It can hear your every word and it's taking notes. Listing and recapping everything you have ever said. It is a witness and storage for every experience, modeling its future actions on your current beliefs. It's constantly learning how to impact your life. What are you you exposing it to?What are you teaching it?

Is it time to have a word with yourself, Love? A kind one. Just for a moment, imagine you are talking to someone you care about, someone who you value and respect.

I challenge you to find a mirror, look yourself in the eye and say 'I love you'. If the thought of that immediately generates a cringe, maybe just start with 'I like you'.


Have a word with yourself. Love.

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