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A 60-minute masterclass on how to go full-out, stand out and not burn out.

As a Performer the struggle to stay motivated, inspired and healthy has been reeeeeaaal!


The world may be ‘opening up again’ but do you feel ready for it? Or is your head filled with thoughts of:


  • It’s going to be more competitive than ever out there, what if I haven’t got what it takes?

  • There’s probably going to be another Lockdown – what if work dries up again?

  • Other people smashed it over the last 16 months – I’ve haven’t done anything.

  • It's been so long since I've been around other people properly - I'm not sure how I feel about it.

  • I put on weight during Lockdown, what if I can’t lose it quickly enough?

  • I didn’t show up on social media as much as I should have – what if I’ve been forgotten?

Maybe you actually enjoyed the slower pace of Lockdown and are worried that the pre-pandemic life of being constantly exhausted, overworked and undervalued will start to appear again.

When facing change it can be easy to allow fear and self-doubt to creep in but, what if you could use it to your advantage?

What if you could feel more confident about your future, giving you everything you need to show up as the talented, unique and powerful Performer that you are?

Join Body & Mindset Coach, Marissa McCallam, for this 1 hour virtual Masterclass where she will be exploring how you can stand out, go full-out and not burn out.  

This Masterclass is for you if :

  • You're a Performer that loves their craft and sharing their passion  

  • You've found yourself uninspired or demotivated during the last 16 months 

  • You want to feel more in control of your career 

This Masterclass isn't for you if :

  • You're not open to thinking about things differently

  • You're not ready to take ownership of how you show up in the world

  • You have left the Arts sector forever and retrained in IT 

The workshop will take place via Zoom on Tuesday 27th July 2021 at 2pm-3pm GMT, with a limited-time replay available for those who can’t attend live.

Do you want to go full-out as a Performer?

***This event has already taken place. Contact Marissa for information about future events and services specifically for Performers.***

I'm in and want to go Full-Out!
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About Marissa:


Marissa McCallam is a Body & Mindset Coach, Writer and Founder of social enterprise Centre Myself. She believes that by connecting with our bodies and using simple tools to change our mindset, it is possible to lead a consistently calmer and happier life.


With credits including supporting Act for Jazzy Jeff, backing dancer for Jazzy B, Sasha, Lisa Lashes, Sugar Hill Gang and various music videos, her experience as a Performer, Dance teacher and love for physical activity have made her a firm advocate for the benefits of movement and its links to mental well being.

Marissa helps Performers to discover what they want, decide how to get it, believe they deserve it and understand the power of directing their attention towards it.

I'm in and want to go Full-Out!

Marissa is easy going, super approachable, warm and kind soul. She is someone who will ask you to ask questions that you didn't even know you needed to ask.

She will empower you to create the life and reality you would like to have. 


She is one of those people you instantly warm to. I loved how her humour kept our sessions light when they needed to be, but her empathy meant she would tread with care when the topic required. If you are looking for light and soul, look no further.  Thank you Marissa, you're a true gem. Mhairi

I'm in and want to go Full-Out!
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