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Join me live online:


 7th November 2020!


The Event:  Life in 4D

In this practical 2-hour online workshop, you will learn how to gain clarity in the areas of your life that feel frustrating, limited or unbalanced, so that you can take positive actions towards improving them.

Life in 4D is for you, if you are one or more of the following:

  • frustrated with certain aspects of your life

  • lacking focus and motivation

  • constantly busy but feel unproductive

  • procrastinating on a regular basis

  • prone to burnout 

  • feeling like there is something missing

  • bored and uninspired

  • overwhelmed by expectation and tasks

  • frozen by doubt or uncertainty

  • failing to take action because of a negative 'inner critic'

  • unsure which steps to take next

  • delaying your happiness for the sake of other people

Life in 4D is all about discovering what we want, deciding how to get it, feeling like we deserve it and the power of directing our attention towards it.


I will introduce the 4 D’s and how you can use them to your advantage:

  • Discover : What do you want?

  • Decide : Have you made the right choice?

  • Deserve : Do you feel worthy?

  • Direct : Where are you putting your attention?

Join me at 10am on Saturday 7th November 2020 to plan the next stage of YOU.




Before the sessions with Marissa, I wasn't sure where I wanted to take my career in teaching and I wasn't as productive as I knew I could be. With Marissa's coaching and varied strategies, I was able to align my thoughts into clearer goals... This meant I could spend more time with my family and also feel empowered at work.  It has been a fantastic change of career and for the money I wanted too. The coaching from Marissa gave me the courage and drive to go for a new job and the belief that it was the right thing to do. Thank you so much Marissa.' David

Marissa is easy going, super approachable, warm and kind soul. She is someone who will ask you to ask questions that you didn't even know you needed to ask. She will empower you to create the life and reality you would like to have. And do it all with a sense of potency and humor that will help you lower your barriers and be the authentic you -that you really want to be.  I've done one-on-one online sessions with her, it has been inspiring and extremely well worth the time :) Ania

'I found my sessions with Marissa really useful and insightful. Talking things through made me more aware of hindering behaviours and mindset, when it came to achieving my goals...the sessions helped me to focus on my intentions with a realistic timeline.  Marissa's calming nature made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout' Tia

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